The long gestation period the idea, “A New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” is flying into national economy of Bangladesh which has been operating under Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh for national policy, process and strategy development.

Matrix Solutions Ltd. is an innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company which was established in September 18, 2013 under company act 1994 of Bangladesh based on the idea of “A New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis”. It was started out with the business for development of “A New ICT Product” under “A New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis”. The company has been rendering its services under certain economic, business and social objectives of the following provided that:

  • The first objective is to create an “A New ICT Product” for any kinds of research and project purpose.
  • The second objective is to achieve financial and economic profits through promotion of the new ICT product.
  • The third objective is to introduce “A New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” for senior level management, policy makers, engineers, sociologists, economists, scientists, researchers, technologists and others so that they can get great help for important economic decisions.
  • To encourage and assist with various kind of national “Venture Capital” and “Swiss-Challenge” in practices for faster development of ICT industry in Bangladesh.
  • To increase the power of IT people by giving the new product and business ideas.
  • To attain the business objectives, company may enter into Partnership, Joint-Venture, Venture Capital, Academic Venture Capital, Technology Transfer, Technical Arrangements, Acquisition and Merger Strategy, Joint Product development and Public Private Partnership (PPP).